We are sensable

Empowering Lives with Innovation

Sensable pioneers revolutionary wearable devices, ushering in a new era of accessibility and reshaping the narrative surrounding disability through cutting-edge technology.

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A significant 78% of visually impaired individuals actively seek enhanced support for independent mobility, and an additional 12% are open to exploring alternatives beyond traditional white canes.

This is the story of 250 million others, each in pursuit of a pathway to a more independent and fulfilling life.

Sensable envisions empowering differently-abled individuals through innovative technology, redefining accessibility as integral to modern living. Our mission is to design functional solutions that seamlessly integrate into daily life, fostering independence and expanding opportunities.

Delving Deeper

The root cause

Traditional aids such as white canes and guide dogs often fall short of delivering the desired sense of freedom for individuals with visual impairment. This frequently results in challenges when navigating independently and feeling assured in their surroundings.

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The driving factor

Our product, "Vizion 1" is designed to tackle the specific challenges encountered by individuals pursuing independent mobility, eliminating the need for traditional aids like sticks, guide dogs, or external assistance. Consider our devices as prosthetics, elevating the independent mobility experience for the visually impaired.

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Crucial Statistics

Sensable reveals a vision landscape


by 2050


Americans are
above age 45


of them are


Blind people use
a long cane

Product Concept

Meet Vision 1, the revolutionary wearable band transforming safe navigation for visually impaired individuals both indoors and outdoors. Powered by three ultrasonic sensors, an Infrared array sensor, and a gyroscope sensor, Vizion 1 stands at the forefront of cutting-edge assistive technology.

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Vizion 1 in action

Redefining navigation for the visually impaired, Vizion 1 utilizes advanced sonar sensors for effortless object detection. Seamlessly reach your preferred destinations with our blind-friendly mobile app and experience your world, fully.